0.4 Neverwinter's Got Talent Part 4

They made it, to the building at least

6 months ago

Part 4 of the ongoing story - They finally made it

Twitter @ChaoticNerdful Neverwinter is known for its active music scene and decadent nightlife. The ruling class have set up a competition for their own amusement and little else. Every year the best and most ambitious Bards, musicians and talent acts compete for fame and fortune. The rules are simple on the final night, the last act standing takes the entire prize. There is no second place. Due to the rise in popularity in recent years. Regional elimination shows have been added to the schedule. Win a region and you go on to compete in the grand stage in Neverwinter.

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Us: Chaotic Nerdful https://discord.gg/x95JpKC

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Thank You

Special thanks to everyone on our discord channel. This game session includes the following players: Wojek, Banana Man and Pirate Tracy


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